Friday, 29 June 2012

Stone pattern

The Stone
Of all the patterns of marbled paper, this one is the simplest. It simply involves dropping colours on the size, and printing the sheet as it is
 This pattern is also amongst the most versatile. Over the centuries, it has been made in every possible colour combination, and size.
 I should not mention all the colour combinations in which this pattern can be made, as to do so would be both useless and tedious, as ones taste is usually sufficient.However, one version of this pattern is worth mentioning- The English spot
 The Engish spot pattern, as I call it, had a surprisingly long lifespan. examples form the late 17thc. are almost identaical to the ones produced in the late 19thc.

Endpapers of book, late 18thc[?]
1- Drop red on the bath.
2- Drop on some yellow
3- Drop on black
 In later times, the colours were often swirled about randomly at this stage
4- Drop on some Dark green. This colour should have a bit more gall than the other colours.
5- Sprinkle on purple. Do not put a lot of gall into this colour, as the colour should remain in small spots
6- If you please, sprinkle on a shower of fine white spots

You can control the size of the droplets of colour by using various tools. Whisks give very fine drops. artists brushes, larger droplets.
 The last colour applied to a stone pattern is the predominating colour, unless the amounts of colours used vary enormously.

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