Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Trough and assorted equipment

Equipment for marbling
Bath, or trough-  .  A tray, the size of the paper you intend to marble, but with a margin of a few inches around. Seed trays have been used, and so have enamelled roasting tins, or photographic hypo tins. The tray has to be more than an inch deep
trough, in situ, half fill'd with size

Pots-  little porcelain pots, at are necessary for holding the colour for marbling. The size of the pots depends on the amount of paper you marble, larger amounts needing larger pots. The pots must be at least 5cm across , 3 cm deep, but  teacups work very well too. You need one for each colour you intend to use.
Eye- droppers. ( A) The eyedroppers are indispensable for laying on the colour, as they are the most straightforward method to do so.
eyedroppers, brushes, stylus
Bushes, ( B) are generally made of hog-hair. (but horsehair was used in former times , and sometimes used today). they are used to sprinkle the colours on the bath, and mix them around. You need one for each colour.
Stylus .( C ) A knitting needle , or some other such implement. Should be about 3-4 mm thick .  paintbrush handles are good if there is nothing else.

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